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In 2021 god recocgniced, that he is not longer interested in keeping
this universe running. So he decided to leave it to create a new one,
with real intelligent lifeforms (he always was exited about mushrooms).
And with him, some rules of physics left the universe too.

So the earth didn't move any longer. To prevent the people from panic,
you have to move the world around the sun and this in 365 days each
circle. If you are too fast, the human could become sceptic. If you
are too slow it will also happen.

And don't come too close too the sun... and don't come too far.
Ah yeah, some planets exploded in the galaxy too. Don't collide with
the asteroids.

Good luck


iOS-POTE-0.0.2.zip 18 MB
POTE-0.0.2.exe 35 MB
POTE-0.0.2.tar.gz 17 MB

Install instructions

Run the .exe

Unpack the files
Make the .x86_64 file executable
chmod +x POTE-0.0.1.x86_64
Run the file

I have no idea. Find it yourself out. I have no Mac.

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